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Jennifer Lopez Shows Ass In Public

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

sexy jennifer lopez hottie

It started out like any typical day at the beach with her kids for Jennifer Lopez. But then she tried to pick up one of her kids from the sand, she bends over and unsuspectingly shows her famous ass to the public. Money shot! Photographers including the paparazzi began snapping away. What a sight! Now I see why Jennifer Lopez is so famous for her big bubbly buttocks!

hot jennifer lopez butt
The photographers were indeed lucky, they happened to be at the right place at the right time and with a quick eye they spotted the opportunity to take pictures of her and they were not honing on Jennifer’s beautiful face but it was her derriere  they were after and now people all over the world can get a glimpse of her big succulent ass and in no time it hit the tabloids and the internet like an outbreak! Maybe Jennifer could have been more careful with every move she made but too bad these relentless photographers saw what they were looking for and went for it! Check out these Jennifer Lopez naked ass photos. And yes, Miss Lopez, you can moon us anytime you like!
hot jennifer lopez ass

Jennifer Lopez gets fucked in Money Train

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

It’s time to leave the rear end of things and focus on something else other thatn JLo’s ass. If you’re a big fan of box office flops, or if your radar goes haywire with the anticipation of a possible nude scene, you might have heard of the 1995 film Money Train starring Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, and our very own Jennifer LopAss (sorry, I just had to). Despite making it clear that ass is JLo’s career flagbearer, there’s little to no sighting of her goods in the movie, although we get a hot fuck scene from her to compensate.

Like a cherry atop a cake, we’re given a shot at Jennifer’s nipples as they jiggle along the humpin’ she receives from the black guy tearing her pussy apart. And unlike other sucky fuck scenes (whose shaky and closely-shot POVs are passed off as ‘mimicking intimacy’ to appease the media hypocrites censor boards who don’t want explicitly acted sex scenes), we’re actually given a clear shot of JLo’s titties, which is a good enough excuse not to drool over her ass for once.

In my opinion, if she wants to put her career back in action, Jennifer should do more naked and hot sex scenes, instead of taking silly glam pictures of herself for a magazine across the Pacific. Yeah, I need to work on my segues.

Jennifer Lopez’ ass keeps her career afloat

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

It’s sad that Jennifer Lopez‘s star is close to biting the dust, if not already nose-deep in the stuff. Celebrities come and go, and while some work with their career consistently despite age and falling out of this generation’s hip standards, some others simply sink along with their once-dapper celebrity cruise ship. We can thank the gods for keeping one thing relevant about Jennifer Lopez though, which is her untinged sex appeal… not to mention that unpoppable Latina ass guarding her back. That ass is so big I thought she made a cameo with the balloon boy scandal (Alright, enough with the Mitch Hedberg jokes). So even if Jennifer’s career is nearly snuffed out, we can console ourselves with the fact that her ass–plus the sexy tits and curves that go along with it–is still high on the market. And while we don’t have real snaps of her ass close enough to blow your load off of, here’s the next best thing: photoshopped pictures of Jennifer Lopez’ lovely lady lumps. They might be fake, but they’re such accurate doubles of J-Lo’s bum that I’d still hit it.